Introducing Mobile and Browser-based 7-Way Video Chatting

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Introducing Mobile and Browser-based
7-Way Video Chatting

  Here comes the peak of innovative communication.
Connect visually with all your friends and family irrespective of location.
Including you, link 6 people in video and 20 other participants for voice access.
Pronto - get your version at no charge.

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  • Enjoy a Group Video Chat like never before!

    Check the exciting possibilities of FriendCaller Video Chats. On a mobile device, having a
    LIVE video chat with 6 participants including
    you and a voice with 20 others is now realitiy.

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    FriendCaller is the amazingly simple way talking to your friends instantly over the Internet without any charge. FriendCaller works right in your browser on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X without installing software. Or use the FriendCaller mobile apps for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android.


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